So far, the  focal point is introduction to the natural beauty of Rwanda. There is a diversity of ecosystems and symbiotic blending of flora and fauna. While this insight into Rwanda is marvelous within itself, the people exude the mystical wonder of Rwanda. The magic never ends, no matter how long you spend time in this  Land of a Thousand Hills. Combing the landscapes, the ecosystems of Rwanda fills the soul. The mountain Gorillas, the wildlife and the landscapes heighten your experience. However, the people of Rwanda ultimately are the most valuable point of perspective on any visit. The personal relationships and exposure to Rwanda communities is the most unique and sacramental journey.

The country is about the size of the state of Maryland. Yet, as of the latest census, the population is over 11.7 million people. The official languages of the country are Kinyarwanda, French, and English. The GDP growth rate is averaging 8.6%.

In future perspectives, I will spend more time focusing on the people. The extraordinary spirit, resilience, and collective energy of the nation is a fascinating study in evolutionary human dynamics.