My intention to start a dialogue on a worldview using Rwanda and a perspective of this country is on hold while I address two issues.

The first issue is the recent civil strife in Goma, DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo), and the capital of North Kivu Providence. This is a strategic sister city of Gisenyi Rwanda. The unrest in eastern DRC is a major influence on the Rwandan perspectives. Last Tuesday a rebel group the M23 captured the city of Goma. While it appears that a resolution is now in place, it requires some additional time to assess the impact of this situation. A complete perspective of Rwanda must include the relationship with DRC. It will be a significant subject for a complete understanding of this specific window, in order to complete the presentation on this subject.

The second issue is we require some administrative changes to the website, which we expect will be ready by next Wednesday.

In the meantime, if this is your first visit, please familiarize yourself with the prior postings. I will be back next Wednesday. Thank you for your companionship on this virtual journey.