Thank you for those who follow these perspectives on Rwanda. We have completed the administrative requirements for establishing a dialogue. The Eastern Conflicts also a cause of delaying this phase of these posting is still not completely resolved. As I follow this situation, it will become part of these discussions.

My interest in this series is to gain an insight into how an individual’s worldview impact global peace and justice. A worldview is a comprehensive understanding of human behavior. This individual perspective is the basis of a collective worldview which is the basis for political and socio-economic policies and laws.

I would like you to join me in developing this worldview concept, by giving me your insights and thoughts on this concept. I encourage a free flow of ideas with the intention of coming to a framework that can overcome this atmosphere of discord. The hope to mellow the angry voices, finds common ground, and become a catalyst for creating effective peace and justice solutions.

I look forward to hearing your voices.