The purpose of is to develop perspectives and insights into world events. The intent is not to influence you, rather to pose questions and provide a challenge to existing paradigms. Solutions to growth and progress within any society are a collective agreement. However, any worldview is only possible, begins, and ends, with the individual. When the number of individuals grow, change is possible. I remain hopeful that human civilization ultimately finds the answers to complex issues that ensure a better tomorrow.

Solutions are a balanced socio-economic set of integrating diverse cultures, ideas, people, and traditions that have these characteristic.

  • They do not abandon the good of our past or heritage.
  • They remain open to the essential fact that growth means change, which means that the status quo is impossible. The alternative is decay and death.
  • Effective growth and learning is a combination of trial and error. Therefore, problems must be within the context of understanding their contribution to understanding.
  • Human nature is a combination of strengths and weaknesses. The trick is how to minimize the weaknesses and capitalize on the strengths.
  • The integration of many understandings from a variety and diversity of sources, make for the best outcomes.
  • If we move too fast we invite crashing, sitting still incite road kill. Change requires prudent and persistent movement forward. The speed of this motion requires knowledge.

We stand at a crossroads where emergent technology, social redefinitions, human relationships, and scientific advancements define a new playing field. It challenges our comfort zones and questions beliefs. Ultimately, it is an exciting time rich with possibilities and opportunities. Come with me to see how we can begin the change we want to be! I now begin a new thread of perspectives.