Attempts to promote a worldview are possible only when you have an open mind. You must be willing to analyze ideas and concepts that conflict with your present understandings. Willingness to engage with like-minded ideas is an invitation to remain in a flat-earth paradigm. We live in a diverse world community where the uniqueness of its individual’s creates a universe of possibilities. Differences infringe on our comfort zones, rather than looking at divergent views that can open paths to improvements and growth. Exploring the mysteries of life, provide new ideas and thus moving beyond the impossible to achieving a new normal. After all, progress abandons the past for the reality of the present. Prudent movement is forward. Movement is the essence of life, which is constant change. The alternative to motion is stagnation.

Moving out of the comfort zone may cause anxiety. Humans love being comfortable, resulting in a false sense of security. The universe is in constant motion. Resisting this reality has consequences far beyond, the anxiousness of the moment. Hiding behind faith traditions, political agendas, and cultural beliefs denies the realism that these things are different from their original conceptions. Traditions, politics, and culture must remain true to the evolution of knowledge, science, and understanding.

No one expects that you accept all of the new ideas. The only responsibility is to expose you to a variety of ideas and concepts. This act alone will give you a perspective for how people think. This empathy creates a broader view of the world. The ultimate benefit is that it contributes to a new life, an openness that moves mystery to perspective and eventually to a new you.