While windows frame your reality, you must be aware of the screen that filters the outside debris. One dictionary definition of the word -fil`ter- is “Device that removes something from whatever passes through it”. Our experiences, relationships, faith traditions, cultural exposure form filters that alter the window’s view. It is wise to take careful observation of these filters.

Two people look at the same horizon and because of their filters; they see different things. This phenomenon is frequently the cause of conflicts. Looking at the same object, perceiving different images tend to complicate your ability to achieve common ground.

Just as vision is a complex combination of the eye and the brain, so too is the complexity of what we see thru the windows of our minds. Your window frame is a composite of your entire being. It is a combination of your paradigms, prejudices, self-worth, and sense of openness.

How do you ensure that your filters do not distort your view? I suspect that the best safeguard is to send out an alert when you are uncomfortable with a situation. A situation  can be an idea, a person, a concept, or anything that disrupts your comfort zone,  or questions your truth. Do not shy away. Use the first response feeling of unease as a point of departure. Begin a journey of exploration. Give entertainment to the concepts that lay at the source of your anxiety. Decipher a particular filter. See where this leads you.