Simple and pure respect for each person is compulsory.

To deny a person respect is a great victimization. Greater still; when an individual denies an entire culture, community or country respect. The air around us becomes stale.  Eventually these acts of disrespect destroy our self-worth and annihilate our dignity as a critical member of the world community. This dehumanization process may start with the subtleness of bullying or not paying attention to an individual’s worth. The extreme degree of disrespect comes from brutality and violence to women, especially rape. Rape goes beyond the physical scars and deep into the psyche. The challenge is to heal and restore any type of a quality of life.

When circumstances and others (frequently the cause of the circumstances) spiral out of control, it causes lack of movement beyond the context. We become a victim to everything around us.. We are at the mercy of random events and chaotic situations where we feel powerless. Like sinking into quicksand, the more we squirm, the more we sink. Inhibiting our mobility overwhelms us with a sense of hopelessness and overreaching fear – anxiety.

We all experience bullying, socio-economics conditions, illness or disasters. We frequently misunderstand socio-economic conditions. It is difficult, if not impossible, to separate these two concepts within the context of respect. Too many people discount the symbiosis between social status and economic freedom. This is especially true amongst leadership of institutions, whether commercial enterprises, governmental agencies, faith traditions, or community structures. When leadership engages in disrespectful behavior, it creates a systemic environment of disdain. On a personal playing field, you have opportunities to neutralize or disregard the contemptuous impact. When it is the system, it creates an overwhelming condition that is difficult if not impossible to regain basic balance of nature.

Any system is the sum total of its parts. Thus, institutions are people with their ideas, prejudices, and paradigms. Looking at systematic disrespect necessitates the decomposition of the larger systems into its components. When you can connect with the people within the system, you have the ability to make a difference. Being mindful to not promote disrespect through behavior that judges a person within a bad system, instead of the system itself. A crucial element of any system is that it is greater than the sum of its parts. An organization creates a culture beyond the sub-cultures of the individuals within the enterprise. Individuals become victims of the institutional myths. Your challenge is to break down these walls of psoriasis. Most of all it is our respectful responsibility to move beyond the behemoth walls. Once we see the fallacy of the structure, we can find a way to breach the constraint, and restore order and respect to each individual life.