The Peace Posts series promotes the development of a worldview that contains concepts of evolutionary human patterns.  We are in a transitional stage of human development. History will report this time as one of the significant shifts in human history. Whether this is analogous to the dark ages, or the age of Enlightenment; depends on the collective response to the evolutionary movements that both technology and knowledge build to a level unprecedented in the ongoing growth of human survival. In each age, it is the responsibility of each community to understand the changing times and define new paradigms to build future structures from the foundation of our past. This requires developing an effective worldview. No single individual has the ability to create these new realities. Many voices and interpretations of the sign of the times is how we not only survive but also grow. The belief in the concept that tomorrow is better than today because we find the answers to our questions.

We know it is time to do something when shouting and discord is the new normal. It is impossible and unreasonable for humanity to embrace a single philosophy or tradition. It is also dangerous to eliminate diversity. When the hostility of human interactions and relationships reach the peak of the present moment, this cacophonic environment cannot create a symphony of life. The harmony of nations will never be successful, if we cannot dialogue with the respect necessary to ask questions in order to arrive at reasonable answers. Continuing our search for an effective worldview, we need to find the peace necessary both in ourselves and in the community at large to build new understandings and new possibilities. Unless, we find peaceful ways to engage in respectful conversations, we are in danger of becoming the lost civilization.

The peace we seek is within ourselves. The peace we live is outside ourselves. External peace changes our construct. This change brings peace internally. The most prominent aspect of peace is how we handle our peace.

Upcoming Peace Posts will explore four distinct levels:

Personal Peace: The first and fundamental level of peace.

Communal Peace: The human-to-human level of peace.

Environmental Peace: The human-earth level of peace.

Inter-Peace Zones: The space in between all levels of peace.