Four distinct peace levels:

 Personal Peace: The first and fundamental level of peace.

 Communal Peace: The human-to-human level of peace.

 Environmental Peace: The human-earth level of peace.

 Inter-Peace Zones: The space in between all levels of peace.

Personal Peace

 The peace we seek is within ourselves. The peace we live is outside ourselves. External peace changes our construct. This change brings peace internally. The most prominent aspect of peace is how we handle our peace.

 The first level of peace is fundamental. It is the inner self-anima, found in the depth of our psyche. The irony is in order to find the peace in ourselves we must go outside oneself. When we encounter the world as it is, we gain a perspective, which develops compassion, and thus changes us. We are communal creatures and find ultimate meaning thru our relationships. Bonding with others provides a level of intimacy at a variety of levels, which promote an understanding of the demons that haunt us all.

 The foremost requirements in any relationship rely on respect, justice, and honor. The danger in any relationship is the distortion of power that complicates the human struggle for the pursuit of happiness. Power that is gained by selfish or perversion tactics destroys the ability for real intimacy and compassionate understanding. We have the right to freedom from want and insecurity. However, we must strive for these rights within the context of the common good. When the quality of justice, respect, and honor is missing, peaceful coexistence is impossible. When we refuse to allow another to live in dignity and freedom, we create an enemy. Trying to control others, for our emotional or material gain, is to rob those individuals of their freedom.

To build up and improve others is a positive use of power. The problem with power is in its abuse. “When we lose our perspective, about our purpose and aim, is when we begin to abuse our power”. (Bopha) We should never shy away from gaining power. We need to remain ever vigilant and maintain a healthy perspective so that we can use this power for the peaceful good of the universe.

Human Contact is the basis of all relationships. We are goal-orientated creatures and cannot find peace and contentment unless we are in full pursuit of our goals. Each person has an individual goal and   each goal is as different as there are differences in people. Goals are   essential and they provide critical keys toward your growth and finding peace and contentment. If you feel restless, ask yourself, “Where am I going? What is my destination? What are my goals? What is my purpose? ” To measure one’s purpose, goals, and direction by acquiring material is a fragile pursuit. Ultimate, development comes from your ability to leave a legacy that lives beyond generations.

Each time you lift another to new heights of respect, peace, and justice you tower along with the wisdom of the ancients.