Four distinct peace levels:

 Personal Peace: The first and fundamental level of peace.

 Communal Peace: The human-to-human level of peace.

 Environmental Peace: The human-earth level of peace.

 Inter-Peace Zones: The space in between all levels of peace.

 Environmental Peace

Environmental peace is another dimension of communal peace. This dimension represents the whole earth system in balance. Environmental peace promotes conditions of sustainable development. It also promotes healthy dialogue when global peace is disrupted through war and civil strife. Environmental peace disturbances come from the “war” we wage on each other, animals and the land. The essence of the environmental conflict stems from an increasing need to coexist in the same space. We destroy rain forests because we want the land or lumber to satisfy our material greed.  A material gain over the viability of the land and animals is how we find ourselves in conflict.

Disrupting environmental peace may not be as dramatic as invading the rain forest by lumber interests. It may be subtler, such as “littering” our highways, or destroying an ecosystem by building a new mall. It may be as simple as our unconscious choking of landfills with hazardous waste material. We clutter the land with the refuse of cans, bottles, plastic, and other non-biodegradable materials, and that will eventually need corrective action.

This “property theory” is the catalyst for non-Pax. “Property Theory” is what makes us believe that the end justifies the means. The Property Theory is a mindset where the end is always oriented towards a self-centered goal. All things revolve around the self. Whatever the ego believes is necessary for it’s self-survival. We have grown used to the world of mental disorder. Another way to look at property theory is through belief systems. The extreme politics beliefs of some people lean towards exclusion. When compromise is not an option, then consumption of mind is as strong as a worn out credit card. When an individual is either on a shopping spree, eating frenzy or “witch hunt” they are so consumed with themselves, that they have no room for anything else, or anyone else.

Overcoming the property theory is a foundation for finding peace.