Four distinct peace levels:

 Personal Peace: The first and fundamental level of peace.

 Communal Peace: The human-to-human level of peace.

 Environmental Peace: The human-earth level of peace.

 Inter-Peace Zones: The space in between all levels of peace.

Inter-Peace Zones

Another dimension of peace is found somewhere between the communal and personal peace. Invading another individual’s personal space is the gray area between communal and personal. This other individual’s space may extend to a group of individuals.

Examples of these incursions are the sexual harassment of women, the guardian abuse of children, and the abuse of power within relationships and the workplace. Racial conflict stems from this fundamental cancer, where one individual or a group of individuals holds another individual or group as being of lesser value. Alternatively, they are recognized only within the selfish arena of how the “lesser valued” can give more “worth” or “pleasure” to the aggressor. Our values are disconnected. We are willing to do to others what we would never stand by and allow someone to do to us. We therefore consider these individuals “less” than us. Their existence is only important for our existence. These individuals then become “property”, rather than people. Most of the population has a sense that land and animals belong to them; that they are property to be possessed, rather than gifts entrusted to our safekeeping. When we begin to believe this “property theory”, it takes a small step to apply this same mindset towards others; for example, women, children, and minorities.

I leave you with this thought about the subject of peace. It is not a complex problem. It is simply your ability to understand the demons causing disruptions and disorder. When you see these demons within a new perspective, it sheds light that opens the shades and clearing the window of your mind. It allows you to see the world in its cycle of light and dark, its rain, and its sun.