Pax Interruptus Introduction

Civilization swings between dark ages and ages of enlightenment. History always repeats itself in patterns of decline and enlightenment.

When our focus is on enlightenment, peace exists due to a concentration of energy towards beneficial progress. When our focus is soley on economic and personal success, society dips into decline and turmoil.Is the natural order of these periods of turmoil the symptoms of socio-economic transformations? People love comfort and routine. As science and technology advance, each generation must absorb the shock and find ways to restore their balance. The pace of the technological tsunami of the last fifty years makes assimilation difficult. When global difficulties upset the status quo, it requires intuitional leadership to overcome. Leaders must provide the direction and assistance for successful transition to new realities. These times call for innovation and strong individuals. Leaders are among us in every walk of life, the known and unknown.History is replete with heroic individuals coming to the challenge of the times to give humanity the direction necessary to overcome the decline into darkness.

Heroic characteristics depend on an individual’s understanding of the situation. In order to understand you must be in the mainstream of the moment. When you are isolated, you cannot hope to solve, much less, define the way to move forward. Leaders spot the change, and  identify the moments, the tipping points, when the change becomes unhealthy. Leaders who are immune to the changes, will never be able to take the actions necessary to redirect the ship towards the safe harbor. We each have the potential to captain the ship. Rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic may seem like action, but it did not remove the ship from its path towards the iceberg.  Let us face each day with the awareness of those small opportunities that lead us to responsible action towards a Pax age of enlightenment.