We find ourselves in a period of turmoil, where the leadership of our institutions is out of sync with the world. Even more so, our laws permit this dysfunction. Our desire to protect the disenfranchised, gives weight to a minority of leaders who resist the paradigms of their constituents. Instead, they respond to the influence of powerful minorities who will not alter the status quo. A minority of individuals, whose self-interest trumps the will of the people, are creating a hostile environment. This Pax Interruptus stems from intellectual darkness. The consequences of this situation, the lessons of history, are economic decline. We are certainly in this state of affairs, not only in the United States, but the entire world is succumbing to this malady. Our legislators are no longer representatives of the people, but the employees of special interest groups. The turmoil coming from this conflict between the people and the special interests will have one consequence, deep darkness, and economic ruin.

I give this advice and counsel to the leaders of our institutions. Losing your moral authority and disregarding your constituency is not a winning proposition. When the public begins to understand that you no longer support the common good, they will no longer support the institutions that have no relevance to their daily lives. Knowledge is abundant in this 21st century. No longer is the individual a victim of darkness.

Knowledge both empiric and study are the hope of the future. When people become knowledgeable, they generate the energy for change. Knowledge must be diverse and encompassing. It is the understanding of many voices that develop objective truths. Each individual interprets information, the basis of defining understanding from within our paradigms.  In order to overcome this natural subjectivity, let us the diversity of many voices from multiple perspectives that will ensure that, we avoid the age of darkness and achieve enlightenment. Please join me this summer season on this journey of ideas.