The survival of democratic institutions depends on the integrity of the electoral process. Threats to the electoral process are evident when you consider the following circumstances.

  • The winners start campaigning for the next election right away.
  • The losers continue the process by working against the winner.
  • Completing the term of service is under constant threat because of recall or legal maneuvering.
  • The party members block legislation and funding initiatives because they want the other side to fail.
  • Compromise the foundation of a multi-party system is absent. Conflict is the rule rather than evaluation of all arguments to achieve a balance in the outcomes.
  • Voting restrictions and regulations are to favor a specific party, rather than allowing voter consensus.
  • Personal and parochial agendas override rational and analytical analysis of subjects.
  • Government activities represent chaos rather than order, in addressing the critical issues of the country.

Watching this cacophony is disturbing because the county needs a symphony.

Who is focusing on running the country? Government is essential in a modern and complex society to make things work. It is not the government but the individual within and without the government who represent the distortions and obstructions for moving a country forward. After all the government is a collection of individuals.

Institutions stuck in the industrial revolution need to understand that the knowledge revolution is building steam.