The purpose of this series of posts is to provide you with the ability to develop an effective world vies. I stress the issues of this transition era, where the solutions must come from the people. When institutions fail, it is an early sign that change is essential.

The latest USA congress is a prime example of failing institutions. This last act of not passing a budget, the sequester, and the debt ceiling is not only irresponsible, but is a major reason for the global financial crisis. We elect representatives to do the business of the country. Not to continue futile attempts of repealing previous laws. This childish approach to governance is akin to the child who wants his toys back because he does not his playmates. Ultimately, we the electorate are responsible for allowing these individuals with a diseased world view to be in positions that continue to ensure the failure of our institutions.

We are not helpless and cannot continue this slide to the Dark Ages. You are responsible for electing the right people and must hold them accountable for their actions in regards to the common gooc.