I started this series of post as a means of developing a world view. This I continue to believe is the essential means of progress and living a meaningful life. The first posts were about Rwanda. This is an opportunity to see a non-western culture. Illustrating how much alike we all are. The next series was developing a perspective, since perspective is what defines your world. A perspective on the meaning of peace, led to the topics for exploring ideas. The last was challenging ideas. All of this is to provide insights into different ways of thinking. As we move into the 21st century life will change dramatically. Not the essentials of life but the environment and ways we relate to the world around us.

I hope these topics are helping you to create an effective world view. In the next posts I will try to developing ways in which we can gain control – to take initiatives and actions that help improve our world and most important provide you ideas for how you can control the events of your life. How, you can look at life using a window, that is clear and brings you a quality of life.