In order to take control of your life and the situations of your life, you must first understand yourself. If you do not know who you are and the catalysts that drive your behavior, it will be difficult if not impossible to begin to take control. How do you understand yourself? I find an interesting way to begin is by watching others. As humans we have the same characteristics. Using others behavior is a good way to learn about yourself. It is difficult to gain the necessary introspection allowing you to gain a self-perception. By looking at others and translating their behavior into a set of understandings, you will learn more about yourself than trying to delve deep within your soul. Leon Bloy (a French Novelist) says “Man has places in his heart which do not exist, into them enters suffering in order that they may have existence.” People change their rhetoric after they have a personal experience. Why is this so? Because when you can connect with another human being with their struggles, you can empathize. Even more so this understanding changes your paradigm. With personal experiences you have the ability to connect, and this connection alters your frame of reference, because it is no longer an abstract idea, but a reality you see.

In the course of the following weeks, we will explore the situation, especially the failing institutions, which after all are merely the reflection of the leaders and people who make up the institutions. You must change the system from within. Trying to change it from the outside, will delay the efforts necessary to restructure and realign the purpose of any institution.

For example a commercial for profit enterprise has as its goal the pursuit of profit. The purpose of a government is to focus on its constituents. Thus for a profit enterprise that manages our penal institutions works against the grain. The commercial objective is to find ways to have more inmates, thus improving their profits, (growth is essential to profit), lobbying for stricter laws. This does not make the criminal companies evil; it is just the nature of their existence. The conventional wisdom that a business will establish a more efficient process is not necessarily valid. Each institution must be in the proper framework of their purpose of existence.

This is a different way of looking at things, the beginning of understanding why some things work and some do not. Looking at the outside, to adjust the inside.