Institutional behavior; whether a commercial, governmental, non-profit, agency, social organization, political party, or local community will not change their behavior unless there are consequences to that behavior. This is a given! Why should you change, if everything is working your way? Institutions are not some abstraction or entity that exists outside the realm of humanity. Institutions are the reflection and behavior of the people who constitute that particular institution.

If our legislative representatives are not subject to the same consequences of their behavior via their actions there is not empathy with the plight of the people they are obliged to represent. If these representatives suspend government payments, yet still get their pay checks, nothing will change. If the lawmakers have the best health care, where is the incentive to assist their constituents to medical care?  When institutional leaders are immune to the consequences of their action, nothing will change. If commercial firms sell shoddy products, or gamble with your pensions, and there are not consequences, nothing will change. Corporations cannot have it both ways, to be treated as individuals, without the same consequences of people individuals.

Corporations and institutional bodies such as congress must live within the world of their actions. This is the beginning of taking control of the system within which we exist. These ideas use specific examples, but this is not an attack against particular group. It is impossible to understand general concepts without translating them into examples. This concept of Institutions includes any structured approach to forming people’s paradigms towards achieving a specific outcome. Talk shows, sermons, political rallies, music, movies, etc. anything that seeks to form or change your paradigm. This is the critical rational for developing your mental detection to spot fact from fiction. To a more important level, it is your ability to detect and distinguish noise from reality.