Besides commercial enterprises there is a necessity for non-commercial or in essence non-profit organizations. The reason for these institutions is where the need or purpose crosses parochial boundaries. For example, police, fire departments, public roads, require activities and services that support all individuals needing to avail them of these requirements. The argument is not that government is bad, and government is too big. Government needs to be the size that will service the needs of a particular clientele. The constant rhetoric about the need to reduce government is a distraction to the reality of a situation. This applies to non-government-agencies (NGO) like charities as well as the government. The focus needs to be on efficiency and effectiveness. Budgets determinations must match the resources necessary to achieve the goals and objectives of the specific entity. This does not means that we cannot learn from commercial organization about productivity. In each case there is a product or service regardless of the institution. Police and fire are there to protect us. Everyone uses the roads paid for by taxes. Yes taxes are the way we fund these necessities.

While mismanagement of commercial enterprises will lead to bankruptcy, public organizations require methods for ensuring that they remain financially sound. Unfortunately a part of society is greedy and must be watched. Even more so institutional leaders go astray because they forget the purpose of their charges. Common sense calls for sound governance of all enterprises. The focus must be on the efficiency and effectiveness of every organization. This means that we must provide for the resources necessary to support the activities and the transparency and monitoring of their activities. Rather than shouting for less government, let’s focus on proper government. If we can alter our paradigms away from destroying what is essential, and concentrating on effective management then we will make progress.