I wish you all a happy new year, a year of growth and prosperity. The greatest gift you can give yourself is developing an effective worldview. Seeing the diversity of the universe, the confluence of ideas unveils the mysteries of life. Life fluctuates between the ups and downs of life. In each adversity, you gain understanding. In understanding you achieve empathy, which connects you to the human symphony. Each musician striving for excellence is the opus of our lives. One of the mysteries of life is that we learn thru adversity. Trial and error are the basis of new and innovative advancements. Rather than denying this reality, embrace it and thus you will gain control. Control comes when you view circumstances within the window frame of enlighten. A control is your ability to restrain, check, or governs your insights, which are the basis of your paradigms, and these beliefs and feelings are the primary influence creating attitude. Attitude is the ultimate means for taking control.