An effective technique for controlling a situation and ensuring that you can maintain a proper attitude is to assess confusing situations. Keep in mind that those who are pushing their agenda will frequently use questionable tactics. This is especially true, when the scientific evidence is in opposition to their objectives. The way to generate confusion is to create doubt about a subject. Whether it is climate control, genetic modified organisms, or any subject where there are disagreements on an issue. Placing doubt keeps you from taking a position, thus ensuring no action to solving the problem will take place.

 When you find a topic that is controversial – take the time to look at it – use your common sense to view the opposing arguments, and then take a position. While you will not be right on all issues, not taking a position and moving forward is simply a way to keep the problem in play.

 We live in an age where information is readily available. Your ability to use the internet to consult and review information on any subject is a starting point for freedom and control. Just make sure that you look at all sides of an issue. Look for rational and common sense explanations for the pros and cons of any subject. Never let confusion be in control, knowledge is the beginning of gaining control.