The primary purpose of these posts is to develop an effective world view. There is no single world view that can be equally held by all people. There are differences in the same proportion as there are individual on this planet. The previous post attempt is to give you a variety of insights, paradigms, and opinions in order to challenge your current frames of reference. In essence, it is to show you many different ways of looking at life situations. Ultimately, you have to develop your own set of principles. How you define this window on the world, is how you feel about yourself and others. Attitude comes from how you perceive the world and thus others. Attitude makes the difference between anxiety and a healthy look at you. Attitude defines how you feel about yourself and therefore how you feel about others. I hope that these posts have been helpful and that they enabled you to find peace and direction.

Ultimately it comes to a personal assessment. The next series of post will present my attitude, my world view, and my paradigms. The purpose is not that you accept or reject these ideas, after all they are mine. The objective is to provide specific examples, in order to review these ideas and concepts of a world view into some specific examples. It is examples, not any attempt to influence your development. When you can take the abstract to a specific situation, it enables you to rethink your personal issues and examples to a new level of understanding.

I am now working on a mystery novel. My previous publications were nonfiction. The test of writing fiction is to understand character and the dimensions of character. This has been a learning experience where I have a better understanding of others behavior. This gives me an insight into the demons that haunt people. Even more so I gain an understanding of how people deal with these demons. This experience gives me more empathy into struggles. While I cannot excuse the behavior, I begin to understand the reason for it. I hope this builds a tolerance that ensures a positive attitude to helping others deal with the hand they are dealt. it is helping me to improve my relationships when I better understand the cause of their coping with life.