The moment of truth is results, all else is prophecy. This phrase is my primary principle for approaching all my enterprises. I have always judged my outcomes by this rule. Did I achieve my objective or not. There is nothing in between, with the exception of the learning that comes from missing the mark. I do not see missing the goal, as a failure, but an opportunity to reassess the situation. In many instances I am grateful that I did not achieve the target. In missing the mark, I gain an understanding that will lead to new perspectives, different ways of looking at a situation. What I do not do is to excuse the missed mark; too often we rationalize rather than accept reality. Guilt has no redeemable value. Only when you see the impact in a larger perspective is truth revealing itself in a new framework.

The secret is to relax, never use a single event as a grade card. Use successes and failures as the means for learning about life. Make it a way to understand and empathize with others. This is the only way to grow and make progress towards the twists and turns and begin to unravel the mystery of life.