Effective first, efficient later, avoids paralysis thru analysis. This is a strong principle that I use to approach life. Life is an evolutionary process of growth and development. Human learning is accomplished thru trial and error. Frequently in making missteps, we find answers and approaches not possible in a string of successes. Looking for the ultimate solution delays movement, and time marches on, creating a different set of circumstances, the longer we analyze. Thus address the issue, and begin on the journey of discovery. At each step in the process you learn something that gives you insights into the next step, the next direction. Progress along the way will be much more successful. Take your journey in steps and you will enjoy the trip, and ensure a solid success. My Seminary Latin professor would say everyday “Gentlemen, learning Latin is like consuming a whale. If you eat a piece of blubber at every meal, eventually you will consume the whale. If you attempt this in one sitting, you will surely fail!”

Consider you response, use judgment and prudence, but make a move. Each step will enhance the next action, and eventually you achieve the best solution. Wait or try to analyze the entire situation, you will find the world passing you