You function with the deftness you have. Deftness is skill or ability you possess. Deftness is not a static state, but it is the base or foundation where you begin your ability to response to life’s events and situations. At various stages of life, as you grow, learn, study, analyze, and develop new paradigms you deftness can change. You can have 50 years of experience or a year fifty times. This depends on you. Most of all this depends on your ability to change, to restructure your paradigms as new facts and your point of view is open to seeing new possibilities. This is a natural element of growth. As a child you see things within the context of your understanding. As your knowledge expands and your life experience provide your awareness expands you change, you take on new perspectives which must lead to new ideas.

Each of us judge events from a subjective understanding. As long as the human mind must interpret issues and events, there will be variances in outlooks. Seeking a variety of inputs, especially those that challenge your opinion is an effective means for developing your frame of references. However, one caution is utmost in listening to the inputs – look for the walk behind the talk!