Part of life’s lessons learning process is being observant to how some will shape a situation to promote their agenda. Egocentric agendas use the magician’s sleight of hand maneuvers to distract you from their real objectives. My difference of opinion with the manufacturing manager about production was an insightful experience. I felt the issue was improved utilization versus his request for more resources. The division president requested a meeting to prove the need for more personnel. As we sat down to discuss the point, the manufacturing manager did not have the proof. At the start of the meeting, an assembly floor problem was mentioned. At this point the president jumped up to call the engineer to resolve the problem. The manufacturing manager looked at me and said “when you are in trouble distract them”. We never returned to discuss the issue. My only comment was “this is brilliant”.

An excellent lesson that I use to alert me, when in the course of a point, an unrelated subject is introduced, dramatic ideas, or pointing blame away from the subject at hand. People will disarm you with irrelevant topics, alter the argument, and change directions. Be aware when the purpose is to distract rather than deal with an honest point of view.