Being informed is critical to making good decisions. In previous times, we had the ability to read about subjects and issues in order to obtain the necessary information. In the current 24/7 news cycle, we are bombarded by sound bites, which fall short of giving you the background and opposing points of view. In addition to the snippets of data, each is driven by an agenda that does not give you the source of these messages. Rather than sound arguments, too often these are criticisms appealing to emotions rather than rational logic.

This applies to the advertising of products and services, but in this case you have the option to buy or ignore. The more critical situation is that local, state, and federal government issues and politicians use this same approach to pushing their agendas. We are seeing the importance of local and state governments’ decisions and laws. It is imperative that you make the investment in taking time each year to understand the election stakes. After all, you only have to invest at most two elections a year (primary and general) – two days out of a year. You will have to invest more time throughout the year in understand the issues and people that are asking for your support. The greatest honor and responsibility we have in a democracy is our voting rights.

Listen to sound bites only to trigger your priority to investigate that subject or person. Be careful not to listen to the talk alone, look behind the talk to the walk! Ignoring this sacred duty is the beginning of losing your freedom. In today’s Internet environment, there are easy and plentiful sources of information that can easily provide you with the insights to making informed decisions.