Humans are purpose seeking creatures. Our survival extends beyond the physical (material) elements of our being. Until you can achieve an attitude (balance/harmony) of purpose you remain restless. Elusive goals seek resolution which leads to surrogates. These substitutions interfere with the journey and leave you frustrated, rationalizing justifications and getting lost in a search for corporeal alternatives. This becomes an elusive quest.

Life with its twists and turns makes the end a dynamic continuum rather than a static reality. You need to concentrate on the journey, open to its detours that frequently lead you to unanticipated adventures. This is your reality; you are always in the moment of the journey, since life is an expedition. Some religions focus on the afterlife at the expense of the present. It is within the present that we act, live, and decide. The past is prologue and the future is outside your ability to alter. It is the present that is charged with possibilities. Bring present now is the best way to embrace the hopes and dreams of the future.