Frequently we lament our inability to fight the system. A system is more than the sum of its parts; it possesses a force that integrates these components into creating new dimensions and new realities. A system will produce different outcomes, depending on how their influence interacts with these components. The origin of some system is the result of human development. Therefore, political, religions, social, economic, and commercial are some of the systems with human footprints all over them. Adding the variability of individuals and their frame of references will increase the complexities of these structures.

When you view situations in this perspective, it tends to create an overwhelming feeling. These human systems tend to develop a life of their own, beyond their original intent, and outside their purpose for existence. Thus, you begin to see this as an arrangement of thinking, personal agendas, and integration of their parts. Change begins with an understanding of the interactions, an analysis of the components, in order to synthesize these arrangements into a new structure. This is the hope and opportunity for change to improve or restructure. If humans built it, then humans can modify it!