Understanding yourself is a critical step in developing an effective world view. Humans are a mysterious combination of the psyche (mind/soul), soma (body), and an element that is difficult to comprehend. This third element is the unique combination of each person, which is more than the sum total of the mind and body. You are an integration of these basis elements with the blend of your paradigms, principles, outlook, fears, hopes, and dreams. While the soma is visible, the psyche invisible, their manifestation into the person you are outside and inside is a blend of all these ingredients and characteristics. Persona comes from the Greek word for the mask Greek actors used to portray their character. It is a fitting way of looking at you. There is always more than most can see. As long as the mind is a private affair, it is difficult for anyone to know the full depths of who you are. Sometimes, we cannot know the full extent of our abilities and the possibilities that are available.


Take this idea towards others, and you see the complexity, possibilities, and mysteries of each person. We all exist and operation within the arena of relationships. The only way to understand your relationship with others is to gain insight into who you are, what you mean, and who you are becoming. The best way to advance is to celebrate the unique beings, the diversity, and the joy of mysteries. Approach each relationship as an adventure in understanding. Knowing yourself, by understanding others is an integrative process that succeeds by growing to new vantage points.