Respect and relationships always begin with you. You must be comfortable with who you are. You have to give yourself credit for your strengths, while acknowledging your weaknesses. Many people council you to overcome your weaknesses. Yet this is a part of our human nature. Maybe your energy is better spent concentrating on developing your strengths. This does not mean you overlook your flaws; rather you control them and refocus on the things that give you and others positive reinforcement. You should look at failings as a way of empathizing with the human condition. Understanding your constraints enable you to see others from a new and positive perspective. Normally, people do not get up in the morning to improve their failures. It is easy to allow your attitude to create disorientations, moving you away from what is positive with the danger of stifling the birth of new realities.

Although, you are the starting point in relationships, nevertheless you live in a social domain. In order to succeed in this environment, you must first be comfortable with yourself. This allows you to rise above the fray. Use your experience of vulnerabilities to understand where others are coming from. Your self-image eliminates guilt, fear, and anxieties which tend to distract you from addressing situations. With this grounding you are able to put into perspective relationship behavior. When you know, you can act, and when you act you are in control.