A repeating theme of these musings is that we are in a transitional era. Dysfunctional institutions are the symptoms that verify this reality. The typical or hard views of institutions are organizations such as government, religions, and financial structures. We often overlook the soft view such as traditions, customs, and paradigms. You have a relationship with both hard and soft associations. As your interactions move from hard to soft, these links become more intimate. These soft relationships such as the institute of marriage, dating, and social interactions are often overlooked.

Throughout these writings I reaffirm that this transitional era is not a bad thing. Living organism must grow or die. To grow you must change. To change you first have to understand, then analyze, before you can assimilate. Each time you integrate this new perspective as a norm it becomes a catalyst for growth. This is the process and an effective way for developing a world view that ensures progress.

Rather than criticizing these institutional anomalies you need to understand them. Change is good; it is the fundamental ingredient of growth. Pain is the body’s way of telling you there is a problem that requires your attention. Ignoring this alert may result in harmful consequences that can have fatal consequences. Responding to the pain, seeking its source is essential to regaining balance.

The next series of musings focus on relationships. Attempting to gain insights into the changing nature of personal relationships can help you deal with human interactions and I suggest, will lead to understanding and provide the  perspective of the larger institutional anomalies.