In any transitional era, the intra-era generation pays a high price for this transition. Caught between old traditions and evolving tends, they do not have a sound foundation for building new structures. Every generation copes with changing customs. Prior to this era, each generation was assured of incremental changes, thus enabling less dramatic strains for growing. The technological tsunami has disrupted this incremental change process. Suddenly emerging generations are coping with unstable platforms creating major demands for reevaluating the traditions of previous generations in light of new realities. Therefore, the transitional age generations (TAG) has the burden to know what of the past to build on, identifying obsolescence, and understanding how to leverage technology for creating a better future.

During my travels meeting with men and women struggling with these challenges reassures me that there is a better tomorrow. In spite of crumbling institutions, hypocritical values, paradigm changes, and unstable socio-economic conditions, they remain engaged. These struggles may appear unconventional, but seen within the context of the situations; I see a better approach for discernment. I am encouraged and inspired at the depth of these questions and their search for an effective world views.

A significant part of the quest is to understand relationships. These associations can range from intimate friendships to institutional associations. The basis of an effective relationship depends on the level of respect and trust in these connections. Respect and trust must be the starting point in developing realistic perspectives.