Respect means that we hold the other with esteem, that we acknowledge their worth. This does not mean that we always agree with the other person. Nor is it necessary to condone their behavior. Disagreements are the predominate reasons for relationship anxiety. In most cases these conflicts are the results of differing points of view. You must remember that no two people think exactly alike. Each person has a unique perspective because of their development. Regardless of your environment as long as the mind is a private affair, there will always be differences. Expecting others to think like you is not an achievable goal. While some may agree with their outside voice, their inside voices may have a different narrative.

Understanding this principle of uniqueness is a freeing experience. Celebrate the different perspectives and view these ideas, as developing an effective worldview. Never replace your paradigms with those of others; instead analyze other paradigms, as a way to achieve a growing outlook on life. When we can balance the needs, fears, and aspiration of others can we achieve civil harmony! Hypocrisy is an essential killer in a relationship where the sanctimonious rhetoric (talk) is opposite of the behavior (walk).