Relationships are the arena where things get done, or things fall apart. Speaking of relationships outside your sphere of contact is best accomplished by understanding your close and intimate relationships. It is very difficult to empathize with others, if you do not have the experience. This doesn’t mean that there are other ways of reaching empathy, a discussion for another day. Institutional relationships are important, but difficult to put into perspective. When you relate personal experiences to the more global and abstract realm, you have the opportunity to succeed. As humans we exist within relationship, whether personal, intimate, or institutional. It is how we behavior, experience and perform the activities of our lives.

We expect impersonal interaction with institutions. We struggle with more intimate relationships, not realizing that they too have an impersonal component. The most important impersonal reality is that all actions by the other do not center on you. We tolerate the institutional disrespect and impassive activity, yet we condemn friendship, family, and significant others. You expect the bureaucratism, because you excuse their not knowing you. It is more difficult to excuse those who should know you. Yet it may be an enigmatic situation where you are imposing rules of engagement that may be impractical if you understood the other’s mindset. Throughout the day demons come to infiltrate their thoughts, which if known, would alter their observed behavior. It is normal to interpret others actions within your frame of reference. You should always consider unusual behavior by those you think you know, as something other what they seem to be. Step out of yourself for the moment, consider rather than judge and react!