Once you check that you are not sending disruptive signals, you need to assess the situation from the other person’s point of view. What demons, physical stress, anxieties, or circumstances are they facing? Each person is the sum total of their experiences and background. Did something trigger subconscious memories that came to the present by some incident? In a 24/7 world of news, there is an abundance of subjects that can surface old scars or stimulate anxieties. Living in a 24/7 world with the advantages of technology, we have opportunities to reinforce and expand our relationships. Frequently technology gets the blame, which is opposite to its reality. Technology has freed you to find time to explore and build your connections with the universe. Instead, too frequently, we replace the time savings with other things. Like the duck floating in the pond gliding so smoothly on the surface, while paddling rantically underneath.

Technology gives you the time to do your daily chores, with the luxury of time to do other things. Electricity brings us daylight 24/7, no longer are you controlled by the rotation of the earth for your work day. Do not let this advantage expand the work day. We need work and play to balance the harmony of our bodies and minds. Most of all relationships need dialogue. There are no substitutes for dialogue. Letter writing of past generations were in themselves discourse.  First you took the time to write (yes you can use a word processor rather than a pen), this process indicates your effort to create a message. Reading uses different mental mechanisms, which allow you to see, interpret, and understand the thoughts.

A future technological advance should be your ability to write a letter, use the electronic medium to post and send this written note, without losing it in the vast ocean of emails. Taking the time to write speaks volumes. That you took time, yes time, to share your thoughts. This is only one way you need to reassess your relationships to make sure you give yourself respect, thus transmitting this respect to others.