It is rare for a person to achieve significant outcomes within their life time. Accomplishing results that improve civilizations by changes that impact present and future generations. New ways of looking at life, or inventing things that advance socio-economic advantages. Those that appear to shine in the moment, stand on the shoulders of those before who had the courage to question the status quo. Progress is a forward motion taking millenniums to evolve. Each AHA moment emerges from questions. Each epiphany is the outcome of seeking. You are part of this search adding answers that allow you and others to ask new questions.

Trial and error – experimentation –is the means of discovery. This is a basic principal of human development. Rather than denying this reality, the rational response is to accept, analyze the mechanics, and apply the results to understanding the nature of change and the means for progress. Progress is therefore, a journey, where sometimes you retreat and retrench, but it is a voyage that propels you forward. Each forward motion has the potential to plow a fertile ground for new knowledge.