Progress is not always a smooth road. Obstacles too frequently distract you from achieving productive and beneficial outcomes. In many cases the constraints are self-inflicted and too often they are leadership roadblocks. Whether personal or institutional relationships, ultimately they all are personal when they affect you. Whenever you allow any relationship to influence you to the point that you lose your independent thinking you give up your freedom.

Leadership is an important ingredient to making progress. Infrastructures are necessary in a modern and complex society. Besides the technological support all socio-economic development depends on leaders. By leaders I mean individual in positions of influence who have the power to support or block your progress and growth. A peaceful and secure environment is essential to advance. Economics are necessary to allow you the ability to concentrate on development rather than expending all of your energy on survival. As long as money is a support reality and not a goal within itself, you are living a healthy life. From a social perspective you need the respect of your community. Respect brings with it the ability to conduct transactions with the assurance that these transactions will be honored. All of this leads back to leadership which is the focus of future postings.