In order to achieve progress you must understand the meaning of progress. The dictionary defines progress as forward movement, the process of improving or developing something over time. How does this relate to an individual? I believe that personal progress is your ability to live a comfortable life. That you have adequate financial resources to maintain the fundamental needs of food, shelter, and security. That there is enough disposal money to allow you to move beyond creature comforts and enjoy recreational opportunities with the ability to acquire advancements via education, travel, and technology. Additionally that you have health and the resources to sustain your welfare, and ultimately that you have friends and relationships that improve your self-worth. In essence that you participate in a reasonable and adequate share of the common good.

In essence, progress means, that you are better off tomorrow than you were yesterday. That each day and part of your life you mature and grow in well-being and the luxury of participating in a full life. A constant moving forward of your self-image, improving your relationships, and developing a world where you have a positive impact. That your focus is being relevant to yourself and those in your sphere of influence. Progress is this simple and this complex.

By directing all of your energy and resources towards the common good, the advantage or benefit of all people in a society or group, has a synergistic effect that impacts you.