There is a great deal of progress that has a very positive impact on the common good. Unfortunately these improvements are overshadowed by the mainstream Medias’ drive for ratings and profits – in essence the entertaining industry, which includes the news and cable channels. These media outlets give us the Roman Circus rather than a balance view of the successes as well as the failures of humanity. While we need to understand psychotic behavior it must be balanced with progress and forward movement. In order to move forward you need a complete perspective of socio-economic development. There are trends indicating progress in businesses, faith traditions, social responsibilities, etc. If the major focus is on the dysfunctional aspect of life today, this will lead to a loss of hope, despair, and nothing will ever change.

This applies to the leaders in our socio-economic environments. While leaders have a responsibility to tells us about bad things, they also have a responsibility to provide you with the other side as well.This responsibility has a greater burden on our politicians, most especially those who are elected to public office.

Remember leaders are anyone in a position to influence and inspire the population to create sustainable progress. Whether political, media, faith traditions, social or community leaders, and this includes you as a leader as well. Because we all have the ability to make the change you wish for.