Not all people and not all leaders are interested in pursuing the common good (things for the benefit of all). Some chase personal agendas, even if those work against the community. When personal goals harm the common good, the inevitable consequences are the destruction of socio-economic institutions. Traditions, beliefs, and conventions have no respect. Change is necessary for growth and progress. However, true growth builds on the foundation of the past. How often do leaders overthrown repressive governments, only to later become the new dictators. In the process of making change, it is necessary to understand the root cause of present circumstances. Unless you know the reason for why situations exist, you will never be able to make effective and positive changes. Fortunately there are those who seek the common good, as well as those who seek their personal good.

Societies make progress over decades, this forward progress makes you feel that you have finally made the significant swing towards a new period of inclusion, respect, and diversity. You become comfortable, and the energy previous directed toward democratization, dwindles and splinters in different directions. Unfortunately, those who fear the changes or those who laid low, waiting for their time to regress, spring into action. Never be complacent. Not all those who resist change are new converts.

Once society defines new civil rights, the opposition does not openly fight against it. They are cleverer. They silently but progressively, begin to build a new approach. Using legislation and defunding, they begin to reverse the trend. Another sign of the times, the civil rights of late 20th century is now in danger. It is very difficult to confront the enemy who hides behind ambiguity