In writing about progress, it is necessary to give you a perspective of the meaning of progress. In essence, progress is when people are free and live in peace. In addition to this you need the added dimension of having economic power to have adequate food to eat, shelter, security, and the ability to sustain health and give their children education. With discretionary funds for adequate leisure and savings for those rainy days. Most of all progress is when you achieve respect.

Progress does not define the rich versus the poor. Progress is always the point where tomorrow can be better than today. We all face difficulties, illnesses, and unforeseen difficulties. When you can feel that you have the basic support to overcome the difficulties and celebrate the triumphs, you are free and most of all you have self-worth and respect. Never let anyone take this away from you. Only you within the perspective of your world view, can sustain an attitude that allows you to move through life. This is the real way to measure progress. A quality of life, with freedom to grow, respect for the members of your family and community. You measure progress not by quantities, but quality of who you are and the connection you have with others.