Progress comes from your ability to take your experiences and build understanding. Life comes at you from many different directions. How you handle these encounters defines your level of improvement. When many achieve progress, it builds a world of progress. Advancement is not something that happens at once. Progress is the evolutionary movement towards a better future. When illness finds cures, friendships become stronger, technology enhances your daily life, and communities can live in peace. It is these individual improvements that will grow to a larger community and eventually to a global stage. Individual progress is the ingredient for a world of progress. It does not come in an instant, but builds on ordinary and everyday overcoming the struggles of life. Thinking about global progress depends on the progress of individuals.

When the majority focus on progress, beginning with their understanding of growth, then the world achieves progress. When the majority focus on their personal agendas or follow those who speak about the common good, but act against it. The signs are unmistakable, failed institutions. We can only hope that throughout human history each Dark Age is followed by an age of enlightenment. The degree of darkness depends on the majority who can see beyond the rhetoric and eventually say I have had enough, I will not take this anymore, and I will be the change I want! We see signs of this resistance to failed institutions and aimless leadership. Never be discouraged by the difficulties when leaders protect the status quo. Calm yourself in the mist of chaos. It is part of the human phenomena that change comes about through trial and error. Learning is a curve that eventually bends upward.