I use my daily life, my own struggles to question and pursue a process of understanding. You can also view the difficulties in other people’s lives to gain this same perspective. However, it does require you to be emphatic with their plight, rather than judging them. Judgment and anger darken the windows you need to see new horizons. You must lift the window shades if you are to experience the light. I see things in myself and others, and try to see these things from different points of view. I consult writings, stories, and discussions in order to gain these different frames of reference. I wish to live this quote from Bernard Shaw “Because some see things as they are and say why. I intend to dream things that never were and say why not”

The ultimate definition of progress is achieving universal peace and justice. Beginning with my acceptance and celebration of human diversity. That in differences I may see a patchwork quilt that represents a beauty beyond the individual squares. Where many hands stitching the pieces into the whole, is what gives value to the finished work.