Your ability to express your ideas is a critical element for a democratic society. Expressing your ideas has responsibilities and consequences. You have a great responsibility for promoting true ideas. This does not mean that the must be absolute, and when you have little or no evidence of their validity, you must provide appropriate disclaimers. You express your ideas in a rational and fair expression of what they mean, within your frame of reference. There are times when ideas are developing, such as this post. Then you present the idea or proposition as a way of getting feedback – questions and answers – that give more flesh to the idea. Epiphany moments are the result of building on past knowledge to gain new insights and thus new knowledge.

We all use ideas to form and build our own paradigms of the world. This is where responsibility is an essential part of ensuring a democratic society. Throwing ideas out to the public, gives others the opportunity to expand, develop, and internalize. When you publicize ideas for a specific agenda, you are responsible for the consequences of the fallout.