The other important element of a democratic society is your ability and freedom to choose individuals who will represent you. In a complex society, you need surrogates to represent you in developing policies and making laws that move your ideas forward. The further the politicians gets away from their constituents, the greater the threat to a free and democratic society. The only chance to protect the politicians and their constituents is the ability to distance the candidates from money influences.  In countries where the government pays for the campaign and all campaigns are limited to a short period (like 30 day) prior to the election. If the objective of an election, is to continue getting paid for a position rather than representing the people, the democratic process begins to unravel. When one election finishes, and the next election campaign begins immediately the results are a threat to the election process. When there are no limits to what lobbyist or special interest can spend for a candidate, the pendulum swings away from the citizen. The only way that you can break this cycle of subjugation, is to VOTE!

When you buy the premise that your vote does not count, you let the denizens of totalitarianism defeat the democratic process. Look beyond the talk, watch the walk, in this way you will determine who supports your ideas and should be your candidate. When the majority voice their ideas via their elected officials, the process can move forward. When the government officials create disparate rules for voting, regardless of their ideas they are working against the freedom of the citizens. THINK ABOUT IT, VOTE! You may lose a few elections, but persistence will ultimately develop a government that can make a difference.