Politics are not just about government, all institutions and all relationships involve politics. Politics are social relations where people within a formal or informal association are working towards achieving an agenda. Too frequently, the goal or objective of the agenda is derailed by individuals’ personal goals and objectives. This parochial mindset leads to intrigue, and ultimately will have negative impacts outside the entity itself.

Ubuntu is a Linux type of operating system. However, it derives its name from the South African Bantu term meaning human kindness. After Nelson Mandela became president, the concept and ideas was popularize by Desmond Tutu as the belief that a universal bond of sharing connects all humanity. Politics cannot isolate itself from the connection with humans. After all is said and done, the purpose of relationships, institutions, and politics – governments, faith traditions, social organizations – is about human connections. So what are the people involved in politics thinking. It is about the people, not about the person. Therefore, until faith leaders, government officials, enterprise management, or social relationships understand the meaning of Ubuntu, these institutions will be in trouble.

Ultimately, you must take charge, begin the process of understanding. Become involved in your associations, vote, and take leadership and active roles in those institutions and organizations that impact your life. Change will only occur, when you begin to say no more, I cannot take this! Remember change does not occur overnight. But change will never begin its transformative process until more individuals become involved.