It is naive for anyone to believe that people will always to the right thing. It is natural that people will give priority to their goals and objectives. Even the best intentioned can justify actions that promote their self-interest. This should not come as a surprise. When an individual’s socio-economics means depend on a select few, rather than the whole society, then conflict exists. This is the reason there must be rules. A set of principles and standards that ensure the protection of the whole! You cannot change the rules in the middle of the game. Otherwise, the game is fixed. Even in a free market, there must be regulations, to make sure that everyone has a fair playing field.

A major reason for prohibiting sports enhancing drugs, is to make sure everyone has the same basis for competing and winning at a sport. This applies to all endeavors and enterprises in society. Ideas are the basis for socio-economic progress and development. Ideas vary among individuals and therefore, makes it impossible to have a common mind-set to move forward. As societies get more complex, it becomes necessary to elect representatives who will promote our ideas. As ideas differ the elected must find common ground, within the set of guidelines to ensure that progress is real.

When a society grows into a nation it creates a distance between the electors and the elected. The bigger the population the greater the diversity of ideas. Therefore, the need for simple rules becomes a necessity. The wide range of paradigms, in a complex and numerous rules environment; get in the way of understanding. The more complex the laws, the greater the opportunity to twist and turn them; which essentially works against the basic concept of a fair playing field. Therefore, there are two key ingredients for a true democratic society, simple rules, and elector participation. Without this, democracy is in danger.