Politics are helpful when the people in institutional leadership positions, are capable of balancing the needs of their constituents. However, in an increasingly global society, these needs extend beyond a local political areas. With the 24/7 technology, what used to impact a local community can have an impact across a broad spectrum, with increasing global significance. What used to be a local family community situation, is now broadcast across the world. In each of these situations, the news services with their necessities to keep feeding their audiences, fall short of giving all sides of a story. This is not always intentional, but nevertheless always a dangerous situation.

News sells when it has a dramatic story. Good news and human interest stories, are not as valuable as bad news. It is not relevant to complain, rather understand this as a reality. The people responsible for informing the public have a great responsibility. Beyond the news industry leadership, it is necessary that we all understand that local behavior, can no longer be a secret known only to a limited group of people.  It is incumbent on each of us to understand and search out the full story. Ultimately, these events will have consequences, not intended, but still filled with potential and explosive ramifications.