The major point in any political situation is that the issues always center on ideas. This is a key point that you must always consider when dealing with issues, discussions, and laws. Ideas are subjective and personal. It takes effort to elevate negotiations to an objective stratum. This is normal, since ideas and their implication, depend on your paradigms. In previous generations, culture set definitions and standards on ideas, it was somewhat easier to gain consensus. This did not mean that the ideas were right, free of intolerance or error. As civilizations grow in knowledge and understanding, the possibility for objective reasoning should improve. Until paradigms can be subjected to multiple windows of seeing alternatives, progress is difficult and politics a mess.

Fundamental views based on your traditions and learning environment are the starting point for developing new perspectives. Each person develops in their own time frames. Overcoming deep and basic beliefs, are struggles that require patience and empathy. If you can remain aware of this fact, you avoid judging others ideas as a battle between good and evil. Political improvements can only come about, when open-mindedness is the norm. Ignoring the diversity of human ideas will cause turbulence, which will simply greater a wider rift.

This rift in ideas is the sign of the times. Regardless of the motivations, we are experiencing a climate, which if it continues, will destroy any possibility for world leadership and respect. People and cultures look for leadership, which promises growth and progress. When there is a void in this essential social framework, people will look elsewhere for their direction. Seeking alleviation in material things is a distraction that will not solve the political issues. The solutions reside in your ability to see thru multiple windows, in order to understand the entire horizon.